Slide Deck Design and Video Conversion

There’s no question about it…today you MUST include video on your website if you want to be able to attract and retain visitors. Fortunately, there is an extremely cost-effective method of creating videos that can be done in virtually no time. We’re talking about turning a slidedeck presentation (Keynote or PowerPoint) into an actual video with a voiceover track.

We specialize in projects like this and are happy to:

  • Combine your existing slidedeck and voiceover into a full video
  • Update your out-of-date slidedeck and combine it with your voiceover into a full video
  • Create a brand new slidedeck from scratch and combine it with your voiceover for a full video

Motion Graphic Template Customization

Motion graphics are a great way to get your video noticed. They are the most polished, professional-looking videos that you can get, but they are VERY expensive to have created. However, there are an untold number of people that spend their days creating high-end templates that can be customized for you or your business. These templates are very budget-friendly and will definitely make an impact.

At 1oClock Multimedia we recommend purchasing templates from VideoHive. We use VideoHive because the price is right (generally templates cost between $15 and $40), and the quality is extremely high. Here is a link to their exceptional products.

So once you have your template, what do you do next? That’s where we step in! You send us the template you purchased along with the logos/pictures/videos/text you want inserted into the placeholders and we will put them all together into a final customized video that you can be proud of!

Voice Talent

John Brookhouse, the owner of 1oClock Multimedia, is a professional voice-over artist. While he has been involved in a multitude of projects, his primary focus is on commercially-based voiceovers. He has a clear, American accent with no regional accent. We would also like to mention that if you are working on a video with 1oClock Multimedia, utilizing this in-house voiceover artist streamlines the process and allows for faster turnaround times.

Please use the player below to hear samples of voiceover work completed by John Brookhouse (all samples are from videos for actual 1oClock Multimedia clients):

Below are videos that feature John’s voice

Unique Call
Mangrove Monkey
Actus Data
What Ads Work
TrueCar Tradeshow Video
Live Hail Reports
Chat 24/7 Live
Fast Tax
Parcel2Courier – Animated
Gorilla Trades
Grosik Money Transfer
Vlue Me
Save The Archives
Attorneys 123
Proven Project Management
Yellowjacket Sting Editor
Learn How To WordPress
Muzzy Language Software
Attorneys 1-2-3
APS Payroll
LPL Financial

Live Video Editing

Although 1oClock Multimedia does not offer on-site video recording, we do edit live video that has already been shot. Our clients simply provide us with the raw footage and an outline of what they want, and then we take it from there.

Custom Slideshows

Slideshows used to just be advancing from one picture to the next with nothing else going on. Nowadays, with the technology available, we can create high quality slideshows for you that are filled with visual appeal!
We can either take your digital photos, or scan your physical photos, to put together a slideshow that is perfect for a birthday, memorial, website video, or any other occasion.

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